it is a scientific fact that our minds can not accept contradicting beliefs. we will always choose one over the other, consciously or subconsciously. it has often been said that humans are creatures of habit. i believe this to be true. which is why it is paramount that we develop the correct habits. habits that push us in the direction of where and who we want to be. this includes not only physical habits (exercise, healthy eating, conscious consumerism) but habits pertaining to beliefs and thoughts (meditation, prayer, etc).

the discussion surrounding the topics of faith and fear can be summed up into two, marvelous words: PICK ONE.

i think we all know which one we SHOULD pick, right? (the answer is faith…those of you who said fear…stop playin)

FAITH! because faith is what will push us forward in moments of extreme doubt, anxiety and uncertainty. faith fuels hope. faith is what fuels the fire of action and belief in ourselves. when we lead with faith, we CHOOSE to believe that no matter what happens there is something bigger at play and everything is working out in divine order, just as it should be. (“she who thinks she can and she who thinks she can’t, are both usually right”)

in moments where we walk through the dark (literally and figuratively) it will be our faith, not our fear that will propel our legs forward. our fear will paralyze us and force us to relinquish all choice, all clarity. we will default to the dark and instead of facing the dark with courage, we run into a corner and allow it to consume us. it is in the dark that our clarity and light must shine through the brightest. it is in the dark that we must choose faith, over and over again. many things arise in our “dark” times, and the faith and trust in the moment itself or in a resolution, or god, or divine timing-will many times be what sees you out.

take some time today to ask yourself what you want to let run you. faith or fear. and acknowledge that they can not both exist. your mind will default to one or the other based on habit and conditioning. if you want to change your default, then become conscious of what it is and work mercilessly to get it to align with your highest good. i believe that our highest good is fueled by faith, not fear. so that is why i choose to believe in the good things. that everything will work out, that every choice i make is the right one. because for far too long i have allowed fear to run me and make my decisions. but this is my life, and i am responsible for the choices i make and the principles i allow to influence those choices. choose faith and watch your life and mind expand.

there are infinite possibilities in this universe, the good news is you have a say in the ones you choose.

i love u

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