we are the cosmos

we’re in the middle of the desert, camping out near the grand canyon together. it’s a full moon and the sky is clear and every star is visible. we climb to the roof of the van and sit there together, and as we gaze into the echoes of the stars it feels like we’re being enveloped into the sky. a soft, cool breeze caresses our bodies, tousles my hair, ruffles through your shirt. i feel our energies intertwining, as if our spirits were dancing in the sky, staring back at us. i look at you and you look back at me, you smile. i can’t move. i smile back, and it’s not just my mouth that smiles, my whole body, every cell of me is smiling at you. smiling with gratitude that you found me, accepted me and love me. as i look into your eyes i see the answers to all my prayers staring back at me. you take my face in your hands, i feel my body exhale. our foreheads touch and create a constellation, a portal above us. we are the cosmos.

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