the fire burns, the flames return

skulls and crossbones

dark and sweet

kiss me lightly

run your tongue across my feet

i close my eyes

feel the ghost of your fingertips grazing my thighs

when i sleep, i hear spirits weep

for what has been

and what has not

my knees grow weak

the fire burns, the flames return

i open my eyes

run my fingers through the flames

as we collide

they whisper their names

the ghosts of the past

unsure of how long this connection will last

i give life to the lost souls of the fire

burned alive

when their minds

against them, conspired

glued to the bed

i allow my spirit to leave thru my head

i flow through the clouds

the dungeons of hell

savior of the lost

through the depths i sail

shattered skulls and milky bones

in my body’s paralysis

my mind finds analysis

it whispers to me

of all we must gain the courage to be.

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