confessions of a submarine

I was created with the goal of a vessel with which to explore the endless unknown, where humans can not exist. i am ironclad and nothing can destroy me. anyone can use me to explore the depths of the sea. but can i confess something to you? if it were up to me, i would have a few requirements before you stepped onboard.

rule number one of the submarine: all who embark must present a willingness to leave the shore. far too often people board my ship but can not lose sight of the shore. they panic as i guide them deeper, showing them creatures and depths unbenounced to their conscious mind. many can’t handle this because they lack courage. as even I, a submarine, know- courage is a muscle that must be exercised and only with willingness can you work it out.

rule number two of the submarine: all who embark must have patience. i can not tell you how many humans come on board and expect a quick cruise through the see. the depths are nitty and gritty, we must sail through endless obstacles and obstructions, many times paving our own way through the rocks. this will not be a quick ride but you must trust me, your guide, to guide you!

rule number three of the submarine: all who embark must relinquish control. YES, I SAID IT. all control must be renounced and submitted to I, your guide. for if you are truly to experience the wonders of the unknown, you can not be constantly trying to control. you can not constantly be trying to bring the known into the unknown, you must allow it to reveal itself and revel in the revelation.

now. I have one final rule for all who choose to embark on a journey within me and it just might be the most important one: all who embark must approach with child like wonder. you must marvel at all there is, be present in every moment and find one beautiful thing with every stop. many of you humans come onto me and stare out the window with barely there stares and blank minds, taking all that surrounds you for granted and quite frankly wasting my time. I am a vessel for your wonder! I am here to guide you into the beyond, to show you all of the treasures that lie beneath the surface at which you constantly scratch. be present or you’ll miss the whole point.

being a submarine, many people use me to conduct far from ethical voyages. i hide many secrets and transport more dishonest humans than i would like, which is precisely why i have devised this set of rules. but nowadays i coast up and down the ports, scouting for souls who are ready to embark. souls who have accepted my four rules far before they came to earth. the souls for which i have truly become a vessel. through me, they shall explore the sea. and through me, they shall discover how deeply the depths of the ocean are mirrored within their emotions.

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