mismatched socks addicts anonymous

hi everyone my names sonia (“hi, sonia”) and i mismatch my socks. when i first started, i didn’t know how addicted i would get. at first it was just a quick way to get out the house. less to think about, just pull the first two socks i see. put them on my feet and off we go. it was euphoric. i felt free. no longer bound by the constraints of time, i could do anything i wanted. i started doin it more and more. even to funerals, i would mismatch beneath my black church shoes so nobody would notice. it soon progressed to sneaking away from my husband when we were folding our laundry and throwing my socks in different drawers so i had no choice but to mismatch. now i’m even doing it to my kids. the kids at school make fun of them now, saying their moms a disorganized sock freak. i don’t know how to stop. it feels so good, so free. but i know it’s a problem. i just can’t stop.

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