my mother calls out to me

my mother calls out to me

“coming!” i reply

i can hear her weep

but i get distracted and years fly by

my mother calls out to me

i hear her voice echo through the littered streets

in shock and disbelief

i turn on the tv

and finally realize why she called to me

her forests are burning

ignorance is herding

you can not un-see, un-feel

the cries of your mother

i can not un-see the despair that runs through the streets

you speak of our earth like she is not there below your feet

holding you up

giving you air to breathe

long walks in the park

i inhale and smell the trash

the trucks drive by and pollute my air

their very presence brash

plastic blows through my hair

i look up and the clouds rumble in despair

the era of irresponsibility is over

from your ignorance

i am now sober

sobered up by the burning trees

the extinct animals

the ever-growing disease

climate change is not a hippie principle

climate change is political

when sectors of our earth are wrongly claimed

you all show up to scream and rage

but wheres the claim now that you’re to blame

are you willing to change your day to day?

the world is not big enough for our reckless consumption

the damage is fact

not just assumption

resources are finite

the world is being born again for the first time

will your kids have clean air to breathe?

the lungs of our earth are on fire

how can we resuscitate her if yall keep calling her a liar?

this is not about the past

its about the present, the future

and how we can change-fast

theres plenty of fish in the sea

but that number is not equal to infinity

yes burgers are good

but why is the air dirtier in the hood?


our brothers and sisters are polluted, poisoned everyday

and all we do is clock in, scroll down and zombie away

climate change is real

climate change is political

impoverished and marginalized communities feel the heat before you do

they’ve felt the warfare in our air

the impact of our meat


and dirty ass streets

protect our earth

pick up your trash

to consciousness, lets give birth

and stop all this clash

clean air is a right

affordable housing is a right

these are all climate issues

if you dont believe it

then heres a tissues, into which you can spit your ignorance

cause this isnt a debate

this is facts

the glaciers are melting

and they dont form back

our brothers and sisters on islands

can tell you all about that

extinction is forever

over the last decade 160 species have gone extinct

not to mention the change in the weather

this is not some esoteric thing that hippies preach

this is real and it is here

and it is up to us to ensure the future of us

the future is unpredictable

but what we do in the present

can help foreshadow

educate, organize

be wise

for climate change is happening, right before your eyes

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