Fire is healing. The earth provides us with all that we need to heal, her elements are our elements. we are one. fire burns, disintegrates. leaves nothing but ashes in its path. set aflame all the things that live within you that you no longer want in your home. remember, you can not set another’s … Continue reading “FIRE MEDITATION”

a poem to those who lead with courage and love

#POEMBER #30DAYPOETRYCHALLENGE DAY 20 PROMPT: A WORLD LEADER WHO INSPIRES YOU this poem is for those who courageously arose amidst all the flames to speak out, unashamed those who through the principles of love channeled guidance from above leading generations in fights for their respective nations for they understood that a nation is a reflection … Continue reading “a poem to those who lead with courage and love”

a widowed soul

#POEMBER #30DAYPOETRYCHALLENGE DAY 19 PROMPT: VULNERABILITY a soul is reflected in the infinite pool channeled using artistic tools an impenetrable soul like the widow is not to be consoled for the soul without penetration left to exist without connection left voiceless in this dimension dresses itself in all black in an oversized hat to hide … Continue reading “a widowed soul”

alpha female unapologetic

#POEMBER #30DAYPOETRYCHALLENGE PROMPT: TRAUMA/FEAR the girl was quiet, but profound didn’t hang around the lost and found; lost but afraid to be found wandered the world in her mind without ever leaving inside fears included everything eyes to the ground no point in chasing dreams, for her destiny was written stared in too many broken … Continue reading “alpha female unapologetic”

#poember ~ 30 day poetry challenge ~ day 9 ~ theme: wealth gap

TITLE: the butterfly effect *screen pans to kim kardashians house* “mommy im hungry” “go in the fridge and grab something to eat sweetie” “which fridge has the snacks?” “the third one baby” *screen pans to working class household” “mommy im hungry” “ask your brother for some of his food, i have to go to work … Continue reading “#poember ~ 30 day poetry challenge ~ day 9 ~ theme: wealth gap”


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