is the ocean blue? or is it just me?: on water

fluid is he who moves to the rhythym

rigid is he who clings to the rocks

as the waves flow

we learn to let go

for what was once at the shore

has now become obscure

somethings we will never get back

like the sunglasses in the atlantic

or the needle in the haystack

do not become frantic

as everything you love

begins to fade

for the superior man must rise above

and still give thanks he was made

train yourself to let go

of all you fear to lose

just surrender to the flow

and stop hittin the snooze

fluidity is our nature

impulsivity we must nurture

stagnation a result of a vulture like culture

where creativity and soul are the prey of the poacher

before we stood tall

water people were we

the true mermaids, estranged from the sea

without water we simply cannot be

water heals, cleanses and restores

freeze some and rub it where you’re sore

throw it on fire and watch the ashes fly

feel the droplets as they fall from the sky

rinse away the day

wash behind the ears

hear the waterfall roar

as it disintegrates your fears

a moonlit hue

envelopes the sea

is the ocean blue?

or is it just me?

the observer

the mind

the mind is like a child

spongey and scared

your consciousness is like the parent

eternally prepared

to life, the mind does retort

consciousness provides comfort

when your body and mind were conceived

at some point

your soul slid in between

do not be deceived you are not your mind, the birds or the bees

you are the everlasting breeze

the observer

the ease

wise as a serpent

gentle as a dove

beware of the current

always rise above

as above, so below

the clouds are tiny dancers

in their movements lie the answers

lose your mind

come to your senses

relax, unwind

clean those dirty lenses

life is a game of chance

to which we must learn to dance

you the mechanic

your mind the car

do not panic

and you will go far

look under the hood

rewire your brain

accept what is, forget what should

and divinely you’ll reign

a bird must learn to fly

a wolf must learn to hunt

do not be afraid to try

for to score you must first punt

awaken my love

humans are electric

sexy and sensual

sensitive and emotional

chaotic and heavenly

humans are one of the only things that make sense to me

my life has been fieldwork

observing, understanding

the anatomy of a jerk

and the daily crash-landing

how different can you be?

in a world comprised of we

everything we see, believe

repeated in our history

could it be that we loop until we’re human again?

until the robots are extinct

and our souls run free?

that our mission

is to understand ourselves

and stop perpetuating hell?

he doesn’t walk, he waltzes

every movement a calculated act of passion

he articulates like butter melting over pancakes

smooth and creamy, with a sweet base

lips like clouds

on which i would lay

all day, while i listened to him explain

the intricacies of his heart

things that once tore him apart

i want to change the way you see the world

show you where the secrets are burrowed

people are art

they’ve just been hanging in the wrong galleries

i’ll jump off the cliff with you

if it means you’ll be free of all those calamities

one day

i hope we will all see

that the only way to be understood

is to overstand

to walk hand in hand

to accept and love

we all want the same things

so why do we pretend

why don’t we take the leap?


unconditional love: one size fits all


The Life of Stardust.

I had so many beautiful things I wanted to say to you.

But everytime I opened my mouth,

you turned away.

So I started saying them to myself instead.

Everytime I opened my mouth,

I grew and grew.

More into myself

and out of you.

I whispered the I love you’s I had reserved

the affirmations

the encouragement.

And I grew and grew.


I didn’t need you to face me to speak.


I could speak into fields of emptiness,

into crowds of turned faces.

The I love you’s, the affirmations, the encouragement…

grew flowers in deserts.

My words, no longer sought validation.

They had power on their own.

I had power

on my own

And now, I speak

and leave behind a field of flowers.

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hidden in the silence

The Life of Stardust.

you know how silent i am?

my god i barely make a sound

at times a careless whisper

to remind you of the profound

my silence is loud

please don’t cover your ears

i want you to hear what it’s done to me

after all of these years

i will not forsake you

i come in peace

so below, as above

the shark is drowning

but can’t he swim?

the human is choking

but can’t he breath?

the fire and the flood

but didn’t he leave?

our lives are a series of moments

that only exist within themselves

outside of themselves, they bear no weight

and still we sink beneath them, call it fate

we control the tides, and the shore

where it starts, where it ends

we are life

we are moments

ever changing and fleeting

only within ourselves, will we ever find meaning

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color me life, i’ll color u love

The Life of Stardust.

ima kaleidoscope

reflecting colors

can u c me

i am a mirror

reflections that squander

in a world so big

i feel so alone

what does it feel like

to have a home

feel like i’m trapped in a tube

lately nothing feels new

spin me around

get me out of this town

color me life

and i’ll color you love

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exotic 2/7

goddess of defeat

The Life of Stardust.

i’ve found myself in a place deeper than my skin

do not recognize my reflection

only the life i feel within

plagued with sin

injected with holiness

the goddess of defeat

put down your weapons

and embrace me

i have lost every war

yet won every soul

for i refuse to draw my sword

in authenticity, i behold

i am obsessed with who you are at your core

put down your weapons

never done this before

i watch from a far

and fetishize your smile

i will hold you in my arms, please just stay a while

human emotion is to me

what i am to you

an enigma, so sweet

an ocean, so blue

fantasies of you and me

crying over spilled milk

of her and him

of you and i

dancing in only silk

everythings so separated

it’s hard to make connections

don’t stay sedated

ask a lot…

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oh, dearest…

The Life of Stardust.

oh, dearest

you stoke the fire within me

though a woman of few words

i have many fantasies

i create kingdoms and burn them down

my words my torch, my mind the underground

i lie on my back and daydream of you

of making love with you

of caressing your soul with my tongue

tapping at your doors

you thrusting through my walls

i’m always willing to lose it all

my mind is filled with words

bouncing around

creating pictures, visions, hallucinations

-call it what u want-

my fantasies are of you

of finding you

of being found within the eyes of another

for now that i have been found within my own

i am ready to see

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The Life of Stardust.

just tryna stay afloat

what if i drown

and don’t make a sound

will anyone notice my silent cries

as i whisper my last goodbye

if i fall below the sea

will i arise a stronger version of me?

i think about life a lot

about death

how many times have you died?

felt the sweet caress of resuscitation,

beating inside your chest

i am an ocean

i swell and ebb

one with the flow,

don’t even hold my breath

flow so empty, makes me feel so deep

like i could fall forever

and never land on my feet

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i close my eyes

in a loving embrace

bow my head

put my hands to your face

i can feel your heartbeat

see its syncopated rhythym

creating portals

bending with mine

no longer mere mortals

an ocean in time

with your motion i align

floating in your sea

sky is all i can see

the waves crash on my body

your soul waves in mine


weaving in and out of your rhythym

becoming paralyzed with submission

the lightness of my body

feels heavy floating in this lobby

the waves hit like bricks

the surface is making me sick

no boat, no oar

i long for the core, inhale and turn my back on the shore

yes, im unsure but i cant stand the surface anymore

i dive to the deep

swim through the bright corals in your reef

the creatures of the deep…blue..sea

they look at me


unsure of what i’ll do next

i swim past sunken ships, unmarked boxes

shards of glass, resurrected creatures of the past

until, alas!

feet hit bottom

beneath them an x

i sweep the sand and find the misunderstood vex

a barnacled box covered in rusty locks

tangled in the weeds

from here i hear the beats

the box seems to breather

my lungs compress

as i open the box

and exhale my only breath

the rhythym of my exhale

intertwines the draining of the ocean

an uproarious cacophony of the sea

married to all you have ever

and will ever bleed

i delight in the sight

and dance to the liberation

freedom from castration

in exchange for the ocean

the box has gifted me you

in your purest, full of emotion